Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture

First Advisory Committee Meeting

First Advisory Committee Meeting of the WULS REGPOT Project was held between 23-25.10.2012 at Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

The Project Advisory Committee Members arrived this time – Prof. Jaco Vangronsveld from the Hasselt University as well as Prof. Brian Grout from the University of Copenhagen – had been assigned at an earlier stage of the Project preparation to Workpackages 3 and 4 in order to provide strategic support and advice. The AC Members shared their views on the strong and weak points of the Project, empasized areas to improve and commented upon the Project realization. More detailed report will be available soon.

Detailed programme. Discussion Topics

Workpackage 1

Speakers: Prof. Katarzyna Niemirowicz-Szczytt, Prof. Elżbieta Paduch-Cichal.
Suggested discussion topics:
1) Update of research policy and enhancement of internal organization
2) Training on protection and management of Intellectual Property

Workpackage 2

Speakers: Prof. Zbigniew Dąbrowski, Prof. Sławomir Lux
Suggested discussion topic: Sustainability – institutional and staff obligations

Workpackage 3

Speakers: Prof. Marek Gajewski, dr Elżbieta Wojtasik
Suggested discussion topic: The internships of young WULS employees abroad

Workpackage 4

Speakers: Prof.Helena Gawroński, Prof. Stanisław Gawroński
Suggested discussion topics:
1) Role of microorganism in the perspective of limitating chemical inputs in agriculture.
2) Ecological consequences of appearing weeds resistant to herbicide.

Workpackage 5

Speakers: Prof. Wojciech Wakuliński
Suggested discussion topic: Project management at work packages level

Workpackage 6

Speakers: Prof. Stanisław Karpiński, dr Marek Koter, dr Marcin Filipecki
Suggested discussion topics:
1) Stabilisation of team structure – the structure of one of the teams within WP 6 seems to be endangered.
2) The legal understanding of institution at the Polish University is faculty. The project was prepared within the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. The scientific cooperation of teams involved in project exceeds the faculty borders at WULS. How far from the legal point of view can teams from other faculties at WULS be engaged in the project?