Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture

Our participation in IPM Innovation in Europe – Market Square

On 14-15th January 2015 we participated in IPM Market Square during IPM Innovation in Europe conference:

PURE 2015 219PURE 2015 108 PURE 2015 043PURE 2015 067

The main objective of the conference was to share knowledge, experience, methodological breakthroughs and new solutions in the area of IPM, with respect to the Directive 2009/128/ EC.

In the Market Square we presented our directory with offer for cooperation, wich you can download here: PLANT HEALTH COOPERATION OPPORTUNITIES. During two days of the conference over 200 participants could visit our stand to learn about Warsaw Plant Health Cluster and our offer for cooperation in five areas:
– entomology (WP2)
– plant pathology (WP5)
– crop production (WP3)
– plant – micro-organisms interactions (WP4)
– functional genomics (WP6)