Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture

Partnering Institutions

International Partners – Universities and Research:

  1. The Royal Museum for Central Africa, Entomology Section, Belgium Centre for Functional Ecology (BELGIUM)
  2. University of Coimbra, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Department of Botany, Centre for Functional Ecology (PORTUGAL)
  3. University of Copenhagen , Department of Biology, (DENMARK)
  4. University of Essex, School of Biological Sciences (UK)
  5. Hasselt University, Research Institute: Centre for Environmental Sciences (CMK), Division Environmental Biology (BELGIUM)
  6. Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU), Department of Microbe Plant Interactions – German Research Center for Environmental Health, (GERMANY)
  7. Cereal Research Non-profit Ltd., Szeged, (HUNGARY)
  8. Unit SVQV, INRA Colmar, (FRANCE)
  9. Lithuanian University of Agriculture (LŽŪU), Kaunas, (LITHUANIA)
  10. University of Leeds, Centre for Plant Sciences (UK)
  11. University of Lleida, (SPAIN)
  12. Technische Universität München, Munich Center of Molecular Life Sciences (GERMANY)
  13. Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), Department of Plant Systems Biology (BELGIUM)
  14. James Hutton Institute (UK)
  15. The University of Thessaly (GREECE)
  16. Ghent University, Department Molecular Biotechnology (BELGIUM)
  17. Wageningen University, Laboratory of Nematology (NETHERLANDS)
  18. RWTH Aachen University, Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen (GERMANY)

National Partners:

  1. The Institute for Agricultural and Forest Environment (IAFE) of Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań
  2. Department of Vegetable and Herbal Plants at the University of Agriculture in Krakow

Business Partners:

  1. Arysta LifeScience, Poland
  2. Koppert Polska