Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture

WP1: Update of research policy and enhancement of internal organisation

Work Package Leader: Prof. Katarzyna Niemirowicz-Szczytt

Leader email: katarzyna_niemirowicz@sggw.pl

The ultimate objective of WP1 is to create enabling sustainable institutional environment, which will promote and reward:

  • creativity, innovative and focused research of social relevance,
  • cross-ERA networking, co-operation and mobility,
  • capacity to formulate, win and lead international grants,
  • exploiting and protecting innovations through effective management of Intellectual Property.
Specific objectives:
  • update of research policy and enhancement of internal organisation,
  • training on protection and management of Intellectual Property.

The objectives set for the WP 1 will be achieved through executing the following tasks:

  • Oranising mini-symposia and workshops,
  • Update of research policy, enhancement of internal organisation and management of Intellectual Property,
  • Staff exchange visits.