Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture

WP3: Upgrade of Horticulture research teams

Work Package Leader: Prof. Marek Gajewski

Leader email: marek_gajewski@sggw.pl

The package relates to:

  • seeking for modern bio-indicators and innovative methods for quality assessment of plant raw materials,
  • evaluation of new bio-stimulators and product other agents for improving plant yield in pro-ecological and integrated plant production, increasing plant tolerance to stresses, including postharvest period, and
  • intensification of co-operation with other WPHC teams and with partner institutions in integrated research for elaboration of holistic program of integrated production and storage of vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants.
WP3 team:

Prof. Marek Gajewski
Marta Pudzianowska, PhD