Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture

WP5: Upgrade of Pathology research teams

Work Package Leader: Prof. Wojciech Wakuliński

Leader email: wojciech_wakulinski@sggw.pl


  • classical and molecular methods of plant pathogen identification and taxonomy,
  • biodiversity, genetics of fungal population and applied analysis methods,
  • occurrence of fungal secondary metabolites, genetic background of their biosynthesis,
  • impact of fungal metabolites on plant host cells and physiological processes.


  • the detection and the identification of the virus diseases of the economically significant plants (fruit trees-sweet-, sour cherry, blueberry bushes, actinidia, garlic),
  • the biological characterization of viruses by biotests,
  • the molecular characterization of viruses using the techniques of molecular biology,
  • the study of genetic variability among virus plants population,
  • the phylogenetic, recombination and selection pressure analyses.
WP 5 team:

Prof. Wojciech Wakuliński
Dr Ewa Mirzwa – Mróz
Prof. Elżbieta Paduch – Cichal