Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture

WP6: Upgrade of Functional Genomics research teams

Work Package Leader: Dr Marcin Filipecki

Leader email: marcin_filipecki@sggw.pl

Research profile and domain

Plant Physiomics group (PP) is focused on plant cellular quantum-molecular mechanisms that process and transmute quantum signals to electrophysiological, redox and hormonal signals.

Plant-nematode interactions group (PNI) is identifying the mechanisms of how nematodes change the mophogenetic and molecular program of selected host root cells to built the feeding structure and how they suppress the plant defense.

Our vision of WPHC role is to create the critical mass of coherent scientific activities leading to the release of high quality projects, experiments and publications. The project will create a new standard of cooperation among WPHC groups, our international partners and other scientific or business institutions. The consortium design will enable to create a centre of excellence focused on plant health. Specifically the WP6 will play a role of local center of physiological, molecular, genomical and biotechnological expertise. All planned activities should create a durable foundation for accelerated and goal oriented research with a key role of extended network of co-operations.

Plant physiomics team

Prof. Stanisław Karpiński (Team Leader)
Dr Krystyna Oracz

Plant-nematode interactions team

Dr Marcin Filipecki (Team Leader, WP6 Leader)
Dr Marek Koter