Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture

WP7: Project Management

Work Package Leader: Prof. Zbigniew T. Dąbrowski

Leader email: zbigniew_dabrowski@sggw.pl

  • efficient management of the Project to ensure complete and timely achievement of its objectives,
  • publicising general accomplishments of the Project and WPHC.
Description of work

In addition to daily project management, also part of project dissemination and publicising duties are allocated to this package. Specific WPHC research strengths and accomplishments will be publicised and disseminated by the researchers participating in various Work Packages of the Project. However, the duty to publicise general accomplishments of the Project and that of WPHC, and also the concept of the Plant Health, extends beyond the mandate of individual thematic Work Packages, and thus was allocated to the Project Management Package.

The Project Management Team (PMT) comprises of a Project Coordinator, Financial Assistant, and Administrative Assistant.

WP 7 Team

Prof. Zbigniew T. Dąbrowski, MSc Urszula Krasieńko (by the end of April 2015) , MSc Dr Joanna Gałązka (by the end of April 2015), MSc Dr Jakub Garnis, MSc Paweł Orliński